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The Spesoft-GameEx Wiki allows certain types of files to be uploaded to the wiki. This is particularly useful for uploading images which can be placed directly into articles, or you may simply wish to contribute images to an artwork project.

Upload a File

  1. Prepare the file for upload. Make sure the file is exactly as you want it.
  2. In the sidebar, under "Tools", click "Upload file."
  3. Click "Browse" next to the "Source File Name" to locate the file on your computer (the name of the "browse" button may depend on your web browser).
  4. Change the "Destination filename:" to something descriptive, if necessary. If you are contributing to an artwork project, be sure to follow the file naming convention for that project (if one has been established)
  5. Fill in the "Summary", if necessary.
  6. Click the "Upload file" button.

If it is a large file, you may need to wait several seconds for the upload to complete.

Using Images and File Description Pages

After you've uploaded a file you can add it to the content of an an article using some special wiki syntax to create the link. See the MediaWiki Images Help Page for additional details.

Your file gets its very own "file description page" within the File namespace of the wiki. In many cases it is a good practice to edit the description page to provide additional information about the file. The description page gives you an opportunity to credit the source of the image if necessary as well as providing applicable copyright status. Any other useful descriptive notes can also be added here.

List of files in the wiki

There are a number of special pages to help you view and manage files which have been uploaded. If you go to the "Special pages" page (the link can be found under "Tools" on the left) you will see the following...

  • Gallery of new files - If you've recently uploaded a new image, you will see it displayed in this list.
  • File list - Shows all of the files on the wiki.
  • Unused files - Helps you track down which are not being used in the wiki.