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Welcome to the Spesoft-GameEx wiki! The Community portal is where this wiki community comes together to organize and discuss contributions for the wiki. You can find out more general information about the wiki on the About page.


Thanks so much for your interest in this wiki! We can't wait to see all your great contributions! First in order to contribute as an author or editor, you will need to create an account on the Spesoft forum. You are automatically logged into the wiki anytime you sign into the forums or you can log into the wiki directly using your forum user name and password. Creating an account takes only a minute or two and requires minimal information. Once you have an account and have logged in, you can edit or create a new articles.

New To Wikis?

Don't be intimidated! Contributing to this wiki is intended to be a fun and rewarding experience. Great wikis are grown organically through the intellect and know-how of people just like you! As an up and coming contributor to this wiki, the following pages will help guide you through editing pages, creating pages, and general use of the wiki:

Editing Guidelines

The primary goal you should strive for while editing content in this wiki is to insure to the best of your ability that any content you add is accurate, thorough, and complete. That's it! So long as you are attempting to improve the contents of the wiki with your edits you cannot go wrong. Here are a few additional guidelines to consider which will help you in your quest improve this wiki:

  • Articles should be named using short concise titles. Brevity and clarity are key to an excellent title!
  • Articles covering a major wiki topic should be named according to the associated namespace. Please refer to the Namespaces Manual for further details.
  • Articles should ideally contain real textual content and not be just a collection of links. Links leading to additional content are awesome but our goal is to have self contained articles for the most part.
  • Articles should ideally start with a short summary of the topic being discussed
  • Articles should use headings as appropriate to organize subtopics within the article
  • With the exception of a few special pages in the wiki, most pages should be categorized using a category statement at the very bottom of the page such as [[CatagoryName:Index]]. Categories for major portals are listed below.
  • The broadest category including almost all documentation in the wiki is the Index. You can add any page to the index by adding the following statement at the bottom of the associated page: [[Category:Index]].
  • In order to be be included in wiki statistics an article must be linked back to another page in the wiki. Articles which are not linked to from other articles in the wiki are known as orphaned pages. Try to avoid creating orphaned pages if at all possible!
  • Articles which do not contain links to other articles in the wiki are known as dead end pages. Try to avoid creating dead end pages if at all possible!

Things to Do

Not sure where or how to get started? Wikis like this one utilize special pages which help to track a wide variety of statistical information regarding the wiki. These pages can be a great resource, to determine which areas of the wiki could use some work.

Useful activities

Other useful special pages

Some other interesting pages

Additional Help

The Spesoft-GameEx Wiki is built on the MediaWiki framework. The WikiMedia Formatting guide is a fantastic resource to help you with wiki markup, and the MediaWiki Help Manual will answer nearly any question you might have about editing wikis.