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The Karaoke Settings screen appears in the GameEx Setup Wizard. This screen allows you to enable karaoke functionality for use within GameEx.

Configuration Options

GameEx Karaoke Settings

Here you can set various Karaoke settings of GameEx.

Enable Karaoke

Do you want to enable Karaoke support?
  • Yes (Default)
  • No

Path to CDG/MP3 Files

Select the folder where your Karaoke CDG Files are located.
  • C:\Karaoke

Play Mode

Select whether to play Karaoke immediately whenever a song is clicked or queue the songs for later playing either by starting the Karaoke player or clicking a song when viewing the playlist.
  • Click to play any Song
  • Clicking songs queues them (Default)

Karaoke Check

Checks that DXKaraoke is installed, otherwise gives the option to install.
  • Warning