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The Emulator Setup screen appears in the GameEx Setup Wizard. This screen allows you to configure the selected emulator with various basic settings for use within GameEx.

Configuration Options

GameEx Emulator Settings

Set the various settings for each Emulator.

Select Emulator

Select Emulator


Whether this emulator is enabled and appears in GameEx. e.g Enabled=True
  • Yes (Default)
  • No

Start Page Name

The name of the Emulator as it appears on the Start Page. e.g StartPageName=Atari 2600 Games.
  • Atari 5200

Title Text

The Name that shows when the list of emulator games is displayed.
  • Atari 5200

The name of a PNG or JPG Image or video file without the extension and path that will be shown on the Start Page when the emulator is selected. This image must be in the Program Files\GameEx\themes\[selected theme]\Media\Logos folder. Note there are a selection of images already there for most emulated Systems.

Working Path

The working Path in which the Command will be run from. Specify a full path. No UNC paths.
  • C:\GameEx\DEMO

ROM Path

A single full path to where the ROMS for the Emulator are located. UNC paths are not supported.
  • C:\GameEx\DEMO\5200\video

Rom Filter

Only list files that match the filter. Use this to select only valid ROMS. Separate multiple filters with a semi colon. e.g RomFilter = *.bin;*.atr;*.2600. If your ROMS don't show up, make sure this setting is correct, or leave it empty. If Zip/7-Zip is enabled use the extension of the correct files within the archive.
  • *.avi

Command Line

This is the Command Line used to launch the emulator and ROM. Specify the command you wish to run. The directory and drive would priviously have been set to that specified in the Working Path. You can use any setting from this section by placing it in square brackets. Additionally you specify [ROM] the Rom Name without file extension, or [ROMFILE] for the Full ROM File Name with extension.
If the rom filename is an iso file, you can specify [VIRTUALDRIVE] and GameEx will automatically mount the iso. [VirtualDrive] will be replaced with the drive letter of the virtual drive. Ensure you install ISO support when installing GameEx. To mount the image without changing the cmd line specify [-virtualdrive-]
Here are few examples:
Command=Project64.exe [ROMPATH]\[ROMFILE]
  • demo.exe "[rompath]\[romfile]"

Image Snap Path

Path to where snap images are contained.
  • C:\GameEx\DEMO\5200\video

Background Snap Path

Path to where snap images are contained. These images are shown in the background when GameEx is in the appropriate view mode.

Video Snap Path

Path to where snap videos are contained.

Title Snap Path

Path to where title snaps images are contained. JPG or PNG only.
  • C:\GameEx\DEMO\5200\titles

Box Art Path

Path to where box art images are contained. JPG or PNG only.
  • C:\GameEx\DEMO\5200\boxart

Cartridge Art Path

Path to where Cartridge art images are contained. JPG or PNG only.
  • C:\GameEx\DEMO\5200\cart

Game Manuals Path

Specify the path for Game Manuals. Should have extension of PDF, TXT or NFO and match game name. This is a registered version feature.
  • C:\GameEx\DEMO\5200\manual

Map Keys

Set MapKeys to true to close the applications process if Back or Escape are pressed. If this is on when the button or key is pressed, the application will close and focus will return to GameEx. This won't work if Command is a batch file.
  • Yes
  • No


GameEx features the ability to have databases for emulators, so you can navigate and filter emulators much like you do for MAME eg by category, year and manufacturer along with showing game descriptions. The database files should be MS Access 97 or 2000. There should be tools available out there if you don't have the required software. The files should be in the Data\Emulators\ directory and at least 1 file is included with the install, If you want to modify an included file be sure you make a new copy of it.
  • [Console] Atari 5200

Use Database Name

Replace the name of the game shown in the list from the rom name to the name field if a database is used. This is similar in functionality to MAP files, changing the rom name to a better formatted name.
  • Yes
  • No

Help Text

If entered the text will show briefly as help when a game is launche


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