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The Client / Server MAME screen appears in the GameEx Setup Wizard. This screen allows you to configure GameEx for use within with a special version of MAME enabling online multiplayer gameplay.

Configuration Options

Client / Server MAME Settings

Here you can set the Client / Server MAME settings. This allows live online multiplayer game play with GameEx using only arcade controls or a gamepad.

Use Client/Server MAME

Do you want to use Client/Server MAME?
  • Yes
  • No (Default)

Client / Server MAME Path

The folder path where Client/Server MAME is located
  • C:\Emulators\ClientServerMAME

Client / Server MAME EXE

The client/server MAME executable file. Usually vmame.exe
  • vmame.exe

Client Server / MAME Links

Relevant Links