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GameEx Plugins Directory

GameEx and PinballX feature a very robust PlugIn system which accepts VB.NET and C# natively, so you can control many additional aspects of your build that are normally inaccessable without use of messy batch files or complicated AHK scripts. Currently, there are several PlugIns available from the respective program's PlugIn Manager interface that come pre-installed with both GameEx and PinballX, and additional PlugIns can be downloaded from the Community Download Portal. Many new features are actively developed by members of the community, thanks to this open source template for Tom's Speak Game Name PlugIn, which are located in a zip within the GameEx and PinballX PLUGINS subfolder in the program's root directory.

PlugIn Development Overview

In the following section, you will find documentation on the functions that are exposed through GameEx's and PinballX's PlugIn systems, and some code that demonstrates their useage in both VB.NET and C#. You will also find variable and enum documentation, as well as links to templates and development tools that you can use to quickly start creating your own PlugIns.
If you have any questions, the development team is very good about helping would-be developers get familiar with the ins and outs of the system in our community forums.

PLEASE NOTE: The plugin system requires all DLLs be compiled for an x86 target environment and built on .NET Framework 2.0 to function properly!

GameEx: PlugIn Functions

Below is a list of exposed functions you can use to manipulate GameEx using the PlugIn interface:

• PlugIn Data Structures & Enumerations •

• Main Plugin Functions •

• Input Events •

• Application Events •

PinballX: PlugIn Functions

Nothing yet!

PlugIn Download Links

GameEx: PlugIn Downloads
PinballX: PlugIn Downloads
GameEx User Project Forum
PinballX User Project Forum

PlugIn Templates & Development Tools


Visual Studio 2010 VB.NET GameEx PlugIn Snap-In Template
GameEx Function Logger PlugIn


Visual Studio 2010 VB.NET PinballX PlugIn Snap-In Template
PinballX Function Logger PlugIn