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The Emulator Groups screen appears in the GameEx Setup Wizard. This screen allows you to multiple emulator entries in GameEx into a single list of games.

Configuration Options

GameEx Emulator Groups

Emulator groups allow grouping more than 1 emulator into a single list. Emulator groups are always accessible from the start page.

Select Emulator Group

Select the emulator group.


Enable emulator group.
  • Yes
  • No

Start Page Name

The name of the Emulator Group as it appears on the Start Page.

Title Text

The Name that shows when the list of emulator groups is displayed.

The name of a PNG or JPG Image without the extension and path.


Specify emulator numbers to include in this group, separated by semi colon. To include MAME use 0 as the emulator number.

Under Emu Menu

Show the emulator list under the Emulator menu instead of the start page.
  • Yes
  • No