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Tom Speirs

NEWS: Update

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Games Database at http://gamesdbase.com has been updated to include arcade games including content such as videos and manuals. In addition a substantial amount of game music has been added, and also more images for various systems.

Here is the inital news post in case you missed it:

Spesoft is pleased to announce its latest in house project and sister site Games Database.

Games Database is a site aimed at 30+ retro video game enthusiasts, with a goal of being a repository for all available media and data relating to video games.

You will find live on line videos for thousands of games. As well as artwork, and information on games, their developers, publishers and the systems they run on. It takes a slightly different approach from existing games sites, with the data being based on emulation information, and available media currently used with emulators and front ends. It also provides media such as game manuals, system manuals and advertisements in a single site.

Visit the site at http://gamesdbase.com and please spread the word about it. Due to the amount of content, hosting is not cheap, so I would like the ad supported site to become reasonably known.

The site would not be possible without the help and development work from Ben Baker of Headsoft (http://headsoft.com.au), and tireless effort from the retrobytes portal (http://retrobytesportal.co.uk ) and emumovies (http://www.emumovies.com)

In the near future the site will be expanded to become a community and allow user interaction and contribution. Additional content is also constantly being added.

Feedback and suggestions are actively encouraged and there is a forum here: http://www.gameex.info/forums/index.php?showforum=12

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