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PinballX: unable to quit intro videos ?

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Hello guys,

I have a small problem with PinballX and my KLZ25 card (recognized as a joystick).
I set up PinballX to play introductory videos on my playfield, backglass and topper.
Everything works fine unless I want to leave the introductory videos before the end.
Indeed, only the playfield video stops but the others (backglass & topper) continue to work? and I have to wait until the end of these videos to arrive on PinballX and the tables.
On the other hand, if my KLZ25 card is recognized as a keyboard, I don't have any problem. I can leave all the introductory videos at the same time and find the wheel and the tables on pinballX.
Finally, if I use my real keyboard, no problem I can also leave all the videos (playfield, backglass & topper) at the same time.
Have you already identified this problem? has anyone found a solution ?


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Please attach copies of your pinballx.ini and log.txt files for review whenever reporting an issue.

I've not heard of this occurring. I believe keyboard input is preferred. A suggestion would be to try it in that mode and use X360CE where neccessary to emulate Xbox 360 inputs, especially for Pinball FX2 and FX3.

I am not an expert, so invite other members to chime in to assist.

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