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Pressing Page left key on a 1 table list crashes pinball x (index out of range)

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I noticed this by accident while searching for an answer on how to display multiple pages of instructions cards (pro pinball from ftp, still have not figure it out but will create seperate topic for it).

if you got a games list with 1 table in the list like for example pinball wicked, pro pinball demon's tilt (just an entry to launch the games). It will crash if you press the left page button. Pressing right page button does not make it crash but as soon as i press the left page button it crashes with an index out of range error (see log.txt).

Now noone in their right mind would try this but i tried it because i can not find how to display multiple pages of instruction cards i can only see the 1st page.

here's the relevant log entry:

19:21:36.55  20/01/2020:  Started
19:21:47.61  20/01/2020:  Error. Exiting
19:21:47.62  20/01/2020:  Video
19:21:47.62  20/01/2020:  De index ligt buiten de matrixgrenzen.
19:21:47.62  20/01/2020:     bij PinballX.FrmMain.ab()
19:21:47.62  20/01/2020:     bij PinballX.FrmMain.ax()
19:21:47.62  20/01/2020:     bij PinballX.FrmMain..ctor()
19:21:47.63  20/01/2020:  Waiting for Online Thread
19:21:47.63  20/01/2020:  Disposing Plugins



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