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Error with MAME, game launched in background without focus

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When I play a MAME game, I have a black screen: I see the text 'LOADING' for a few seconds, then black screen (Windows windows left open before the launch of PinballX appear in the foreground).
However, the game MAME does not appear (neither on the screen nor in the Windows processes Ctrl-Alt-Del). Yet it is executed because I can play by pressing the keys on the keyboard (I hear the game in the background).
When I launch directly the MAME game in a command line without PinballX, the game works.
Has anyone come across this problem before ? Do you have a solution ?
Thank you for your answers.

My configuration:
I have the latest version of PinballX: 3.93.
Windows 10.
I use JoyToKey, but without it the problem is the same.
I have 3 monitors. When I change the display in MAME config, the problem is the same.
The system MAME is configured in PinballX for launch C:\Jeux\MAME\mame64.exe with parameter [TABLEFILE]
All .exe are launched with Administrator rights.

log.txt PinballX.ini

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