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May this thread be dedicated to the outlandish truths no one can believe.

May I start this off with a tale. A tale of yesteryear, when HDTV's were ridiculously expensive and DVD was just replacing VHS as THE video media storage vehicle. But what If I told you, that you could skip all the intermediate years between DVD and BluRay by simply recording 1080i onto a VHS tape. 50GB movies on a single VHS tape...




Ah...but it's called DTheater and it was released by JVC in 2002. And about 90 1080i HD movies were released on Digital VHS tapes.


Don't believe me? Waiting for the April fools? Believe this then:




And now the ball's in your court. Anything that you couldn't believe that challenged what you thought was true about the world? Feel free to blow our minds.

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