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Loading Images Placement

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Good morning guys,

I like the addition of the loading image support.  However I need some special instruction I guess!  I downloaded version 3.77.  I reran pbx recorder and recorded table images for all my tables.  I see them in the pbx>media>table images folder.  I copied them to the pbx>media>loading images folder.  I am getting random table images and they are rotated 90 degrees when I select "Use loading folders" in the general settings.  When I select use playfield images in the general settings I get a gray screen with the "animated loading pinwheel" overlaid.  A few tables correctly display the table image with the "animated loading pinwheel".  I can not figure out the problem as I recorded all the table images uses pbx recorder and had no table images prior to doing the auto record.  

Do I need to create a "playfield image" folder somewhere and place the recorded images in it?  Any help would be appreciated.  For the time being I have removed all the playfield images from the loading images folder and I am back to the default "loading" image that came with the install.

I don't see any error messages in the log files.




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For the "use loading folders" option in settings.exe pinballx will pick a random image or video if present to use as a loading screen. If you want to use table images as loading images then use this plugin; 

The plugin will remove the random factor on what table image is used by pinballx. If you want to go that way then copy your table images to a temp folder, select all, then right click and select rotate left (it's the quickest way to rotate a bulk load of images) Images should then be rotated correctly for the loading screen (vertically). Then copy to the loading images folder.

For the 2nd option in pinballx, use playfield images, i can't really help as it's new and i've not really tried it yet, but my reading of the release note was that you wouldn't need your own playfield images (above what you may already use), pinballx would take a snapshot on the fly of your current playfield video or image and overlay an animation onto that, depending on what media you're using.

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