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Tom Speirs

[NEWS] PinballX 3.76

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New and improved table loading image support.

Animated GIFs are supported again and there are now two modes for loading images (configured under general settings).

You can use the existing loading image/video mode or the new playfield image mode. With the new mode it will either use a playfield image or take a snapshot of your playfield video. Then either use a default or one of your own animated gifs which is then overlayed and animated with a fade in.

The result looks pretty slick in my opinion and this is a highly requested feature.

Note that animated GIFs are now auto rotated if required and regular images at 0 degrees should be used. Note, if you have an unusually long animated GIF the number of frames may be clipped.

The fade in of loading images is now done on a thread and games may load a little quicker too. There are also some blitting optimizations to avoid slow done on a UHD 4k display.


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