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The table audio don't stop reproduction inPinballx3.74

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Hello everyone.
First of all, really compliments on the interface, it's fantastic.
I wanted to ask a question:

In previous versions, once the table was launched, the audio being played 
while scrolling from the frontend was interrupted.
In the last downloaded version instead, it is played until the audio file ends.
Is there a way to make it finish as soon as the table is selected?

I tried to install version 3.27 and 3.74 in separate folders. 
Without making changes to the configuration (only the path for the VP tables). 
In version 3.27 the audio fades correctly once the table is launched. 
In version 3.74, the audio continues playing even after the table is started 
and stops only at the end of the file.


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Please attach your pinballx.ini & log.txt files.

What audio files are you using (format type & length)?, not noticed any problem myself.

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Can't see anything there.

I assume the audio files in question are in the pinballx media table audio folder (not launch audio)?

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