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Importing Online Media for Tables

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Hello there all. So first of all I would just like to state that I am new to all this and that I am still very much a new learning in the realm of Virtual Pinball. So anything I ask or say is not out of stupidity but just ignorance.

So my main question now is that I know there is the option in PinballX on the games list to click on "import" when in reference to the wheel, playfield, etc and I just was wondering... How come when I click on that, it really doesn't do anything? Like to be fair, a bunch of my tables are old school games from the 60s and 70s (such as Texas Ranger) so I am kind of maybe thinking that it's just that there isn't a load of media out there for these older games, but then again, i would at least think that the playfield and the wheel to show the logo/icon would show up when I start the game... But they don't. 

So idk if I am doing anything wrong or all this all works like if I have a setting turned off somewhere, or if there is something that I am just missing or what not. But if anyone can help me that would be fantastic.

Oh and I am playing on a laptop so this isn't a standing table by any means.

P.S.: I have attached a pic to show an example of what I am talking about so as to not make any confusion.

Missing Parts.png

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Did you fill in your gamexonline account in settings.exe ?

Please provide your ini and log file for beter troubleshooting


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In addition to @Mike_da_Spike's advice it's worth noting that you don't need to import media via game manager, or via the online option in it (my cabs offline so never used the feature, and i'm not sure if it's available to basic members? someone else will know and confirm probably). If your table naming convention is standard (and it looks to be) then if you have the capacity on your hard drive / SSD you can download in volume for wheels, and audio files etc (due to size of the files i wouldn't do it for videos). So long as the files you copy match the table name in game manager they should just work, and will be already present for future games you add. Or you can just download and copy the ones you want.

Example; download table audio files and put them in your \Pinballx\media\visual pinball\table audio folder, launch audio in \Pinballx\media\visual pinball\launch audio etc

For the media files to be used in PinballX front end the file names have to match the Game or Description field in Game Manger. 

Game Manager is handy if you don't have standard table names and you have the media already downloaded and names don't match, in which case you can change the All Online option to the media type you have for a table, click Import and navigate to the file - then Game Manager will copy the file for you and change the file name accordingly.

A few links that might help you out;

Table Audio

Launch Audio

Wheel Images

https://mega.nz/#F!p3hREDgB!pEWMJvVQ7t3Sv_TmrxdU-w!52AzHIDR (not sure who maintains this link, but you'll also see flyers and instructions cards in the folders on there, if you want them drop them in the matching folders in pinballx\media\)

For playfield videos i create my own (can be done via game manager or pbx recorder), post back if you go down that route and need a hand with either of those.

Anyways, if you get the online import option working then just count this post as background info.

Welcome to the hobby!! :)

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