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Home made Virtual Pinball Cabinet

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Hi All,

I wanted to share my adventure of building my pinball cabinet.
I am an IT professional, so knows something about computers, programs, issues etc.
But I'm not very handy to build something.

I always had on my mind to buy a pinball machine. The love from pinball came when I was young. Playing a lot in the 70's and 80's on pinball machines.
But What table should I buy and how many maintenance should it have ?
Already had Pinball Arcade on PS3,PS4 and PC. Also FX 3 on PC. ON the game console I played a lot with the family, and in march 2018 I thought, why not rotate the screen and play from it ?

So doing research on the internet, I found a lot of info about cabinets and how to set it up.
Because I only used laptops and tablets now adays, I bought a 2nd hand PC:
Core I7 7600
16 GB mem
256 GB SSD & 2 TB harrddisk
Nvidia GTX 1060

I also had an “old” TV (32”Samsung) and had even smaller monitors, which I use to work from home and attach to my tablet. The monitor I could use for the backglass (27")

So made my test setup. Just the TV rotated on a shelf, PC on the end , and on top the monitor


When all is dark, It looks very impressive.
(Already used PBX at the beginning as a front-end, didn't like the other once)


II didn’t like the DMD grills on the backglass (too squeezed), so I searched for a replacement for it.
I could attach a 3rd screen, but the real DMD’s (and even colors) looks very nice, so I bought a PinDMD V3


This makes the backglass and table real nicer.
Found freezy’s dll’s and I could use colorization roms and altcolors files.
This was already an extra dimension for the pinball.
But still no plans for the cabinet.
In June Arcooda came out for pinball.
So wanted to see how that works. I found out that you could connect a Kinect 2.0.
You need to modify some things in Pinball Arcade to have it in Arcooda mode (now you can have it in cabinet modetoo)
I bought a Kinect 2.0 and searched for the USB adapter (hard search, I found 1 on Amazon)
When all came in and used pinball Arcade in Arcooda mode, it thought this was the end of all. 
The head movement gave a 3d effect on your pinball machine. 3D on a 2D TV. I never seen this before !
I read that future pinball already had this with BAM, but I didn’t like the tables in FP, so never set that up) 
Around 88 table sthat uses Kinect was nice, and finally NoEX Adjusted his freecam mode too, I could launch directly the tables !
But still no cabinet.
In the meantime, I collected a lot of VPX tables and added that to the system.
I had taken 4 weeks of holiday in September 2018. Wanted to do some nice thing with Wife and family.
But in the end of June I knew it for sure. I’m going to build my own cabinet.
I ordered a lot of stuff everywhere around the internet (and around the world):

Flat Pack - WPC-style Standard Body Virtual Pinball Cabinet
Ultimate Cab-Builder's Kit (Standard Body)
VirtuaPin™ Digital Plunger Kit v3
Complete 4" Flipper Fidelity Sound System w/Amp
Coindispanser (to have dutch coins to be validated)
Extra USB cables (And USB hUb)
Extra Buttons (Start/exit/credit and select)
Speaker Grill
Cables (lot off cables in different colors)
PC reset button (to have that one externally)
External Ethernet port
TV (40”4k)
Monitor (28” fullhd)



I found Stuzza on the vpforum, who could design a cabinet decal. With my preferences, he designed my own decal.


So the building of the cabinet was started.
First I wanted to start with the backbox.
That looks easy, but I wanted the same as a original pinball machines, where you can use a lock to unlock the frontglass, remove the DMD grill and get to all the part.
Painting the backglass:





DMD cut out 



Finishing touch


Adding decals to the backglass



Backbox is finished (well amost)!

Difficult part still needs to be created..... the cabinet itself

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The cabinet itself is not difficult to build but to make it finished... thats it is a hell of a job ! 
Started to make the cabinet itself, drill the holes for the buttons.
When I tried to fit everything to check if it fits, I found that 1 of the 4 holes in the front where jamming the mounting of the leg.
So needed to adjust those buttons.


"repairing" the 2 wholes and make 2 new ones



Finally painted it all black again


I said black ...


Looks like there where never extra holes in it !

Put decals on the cab for the finishing touch 


And cut out the wholes and coindoor


Also put the decals on the side's


The cabinet is finished (well.. only the box) !


Adding the legs, coindoor,buttons and plunger !


and put it to spirit level


Wow. The cabinet is finished. Only the computer must be added


But the inside needs a lot of wires ....

To connect the coindoor, I made my own connector
I was glad I learned how to use a soldering iron on my school (a lot of years ago) ...


Finally put all the wireless to the buttons and lights. 


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When building the cabinet, I found that I also needed a controller board that could control the lights on the front.
I ordered a ledwizz controller, for this. Checking the DOF configuration, I found that I could also attach flashers and RGB lights.

Created a complete board to get an overview


Old IDE cable used to attach from ledwiz to relais


these relais can be used to add external toys (like knocker and coilers)

But need to remove a backboard to put the flashers/rgb leds in place 



Added 2 magnetic switches to simulate the flipper sounds


Putting the PC in it, adding everything together, end up like this :


I need to say, that my power supply blew up december 2018. I changed it for a 750W
I also added a RTX 2070 video card, because I use native 4k  in VPX and fx3
VPX was having trouble when using 4k with my GTX 1060. Also changed my ssd to a 1gb ssd, because running out of disk space.
I’m very happy with the end result.
It needs some finishing touch, but I’m proud that I build this completly.
All the VP9/VPX tables are adjusted to use coins. 1 game for 50 eurocent and 1 euro for 2 games
I had some issues with Gottlieb system80b tables that I could not adjust, but I changed in those tables something in the VPX code and added an extra menu for doing this


'Gottlieb System 80B
'added by Inkochnito
'Added Coins chute by Mike da Spike
Sub editDips
    Dim vpmDips : Set vpmDips = New cvpmDips
	With vpmDips
        .AddForm  700,400,"System 80B - DIP switches"
        .AddFrame 2,4,190,"Left Coin Chute (Coins/Credit)",&H0000001F,Array("4/1",&H0000000D,"2/1",&H0000000A,"1/1",&H00000000,"1/2",&H00000010) 'Dip 1-5
        .AddFrame 2,80,190,"Right Coin Chute (Coins/Credit)",&H00001F00,Array("4/1",&H00000D00,"2/1",&H00000A00,"1/1",&H00000000,"1/2",&H00001000) 'Dip 9-13
        .AddFrame 2,160,190,"Center Coin Chute (Coins/Credit)",&H001F0000,Array("4/1",&H000D0000,"2/1",&H000A0000,"1/1",&H00000000,"1/2",&H00010000) 'Dip 17-21
        .AddFrame 2,240,190,"3rd coin chute credits control",&H20000000,Array("no effect",0,"add 9",&H20000000)'dip 30        
        .AddFrame 207,4,190,"Maximum credits",49152,Array("8 credits",0,"10 credits",32768,"15 credits",&H00004000,"20 credits",49152)'dip 15&16
        .AddFrame 207,80,190,"Coin chute left and right control",&H00002000,Array("seperate",0,"same",&H00002000)'dip 14
        .AddFrame 207,126,190,"Playfield special",&H00200000,Array("replay",0,"extra ball",&H00200000)'dip 22
        .AddFrame 207,172,190,"High games to date control",&H00000020,Array("no effect",0,"reset high games 2-5 on power off",&H00000020)'dip 6
        .AddFrame 207,218,190,"Game option dip 7",&H00000040,Array("off",0,"on",&H00000040)'dip 7
        .AddFrame 207,264,190,"Game option dip 8",&H00000080,Array("off",0,"on",&H00000080)'dip 8
        .AddFrame 412,4,190,"High game to date awards",&H00C00000,Array("not displayed and no award",0,"displayed and no award",&H00800000,"displayed and 2 replays",&H00400000,"displayed and 3 replays",&H00C00000)'dip 23&24
        .AddFrame 412,80,190,"Balls per game",&H01000000,Array("5 balls",0,"3 balls",&H01000000)'dip 25
        .AddFrame 412,126,190,"Replay limit",&H04000000,Array("no limit",0,"one per game",&H04000000)'dip 27
        .AddFrame 412,172,190,"Novelty",&H08000000,Array("normal",0,"extra ball and replay scores 500K",&H08000000)'dip 28
        .AddFrame 412,218,190,"Game mode",&H10000000,Array("replay",0,"extra ball",&H10000000)'dip 29
        .AddFrame 412,264,190,"Game option dip 31",&H40000000,Array("off",0,"on",&H40000000)'dip 31
        .AddFrame 412,310,190,"Game option dip 32",&H80000000,Array("off",0,"on",&H80000000)'dip 32
        .AddChk 2,360,120,Array("Match feature",&H02000000)'dip 26
        .AddLabel 50,380,300,20,"After hitting OK, press F3 to reset game with new settings."
    End With
End Sub
Set vpmShowDips = GetRef("editDips") 

this results in this popup when pressing F6 during the game (I added the coins/credit part)


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Nothing short of any amazing pincab construction write up! Thanks so much for sharing the details of your journey!

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Excellent work :cheers:

Thanks for taking the time to share your build with us!

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Great build and write up! 


I'm just switching over from digital nudge and plunge to a vituapin v3 plunger kit. I've gone through calibration and now set nudge threshold in virtuapin controller to 0 and tilt sensitivity in VPX to 900. I still need to dial in the numbers a bit but it's a good start, did you tweak any other settings on your setup? Thanks.

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47 minutes ago, scutters said:

Great build and write up! 


I'm just switching over from digital nudge and plunge to a vituapin v3 plunger kit. I've gone through calibration and now set nudge threshold in virtuapin controller to 0 and tilt sensitivity in VPX to 900. I still need to dial in the numbers a bit but it's a good start, did you tweak any other settings on your setup? Thanks.

To be honest @scutters,  I turned off the digital nudging.  I don't like the rough side of it. Giving the machine a big push in some kind of way... there is still a pc in it and lot of customization.

I setup the magna flippers as nudging. (I know its not the real feel, but the dmd and backglass monitor didn't like the nudging too)


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Ahh ok, fair enough.

That's pretty much why i'm setting up the nudging as quite sensitive. I do get a kick out of seeing the saucer wobble in Attack From Mars when i tap the cabinet!.

Edit - wrote up my virtuapin settings for tilit & nudge 



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