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[PLUGIN] PinballX Media Player

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Some might prefer the excellent table audio files from gStAv https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/13893-table-sound-when-browsing-tables  in both PinballX Wheel & Attract modes, but if you want to additionaly / optionally play a selection of music files and/or videos in the PinballX front end then read on as this plugin might be for you..

What Does It Do

Using Windows Media Player (WMP) the plugin will let you play media files from a specified folder whilst in PinballX. It will pause playback when tables are selected and then resume on table exit, or just on entry and exit of Attract Mode. Although originally intended as a music only player, it uses WMP and as that can also can also play videos i added an optional visible WMP window. The default mode is audio only, but if displaying a WMP window then that is hidden when playback is paused. 

So is it a Jukebox? - no, but if want to play random media (music or video) when you wander away from the cabinet for a few minutes (i.e. PinballX Attract Mode starts) then you can, or you can have them playing all the time whilst in wheel mode.

To Use The Plugin

1/ download the attached zip and extract the files into your PinballX\Plugins\ folder
2/ Unblock the files if required (https://www.limilabs.com/blog/unblock-dll-file) 
3/ Open PinballX\PluginManager.exe, enable the Media Player plugin.
4/ Still in PluginManager, Select the Media Player plugin and click Configure. You'll get a message first time while an ini file is created for the plugin (in the Plugins folder).

After this the plugin is enabled and will be configured with default values as screenshot below.

If you want to view / change the configuration information, go through PluginManager Configure again. The screen below should show. Hopefully the options are fairly self-explanatory, but a brief description follows..


Location - Click the ... button to browse and select a media folder
Include Sub Folders - Checkbox, check if your media is nested in sub folders under the main location
Volume - Slider bar.
Exit Table / Enter Attract Mode Behaviour - Resume last file from where it was left on table selection, or start next
Shuffle - Checkbox, select to play media in random order
Attract Mode Only Playback = Checkbox, check to disable playback in manual wheel navigation
Launch Visible Media Player
Player opens in own window - Checkbox, if not checked the plugin will play audio only regardless of content. Check this box if you want a visible window displayed in 'Now Playing' view.
Fullscreen - Checkbox, select if you want windows media player to open in fullscreen mode 


PinballX Audio

If you're not running the plugin in Attract Mode only (so always on when in the PinballX Wheel) you may want to back up and then remove normal PinballX audio files, like Startup Sounds & Table Audio to avoid multiple sounds playing over each other.
For Attract Mode only media playback try muting PinballX in Attract Mode (PinballX Settings -> Attract Mode -> Mute Audio = Yes).

Audio Volume

If playing with no visible WMP window then this will control all PinballX volume as the plugin is using an internal player, however if using a visible window it will control the volume of the media you're playing only (PinballX audio level will not be affected)

Visible Player

Best suited for cab owners with > 1 screen

Open Windows Media Player on its own first, switch to the Now Playing view (bottom right of screen) then move / position & resize the player on to the screen you'll want it visible on. Right click on it and select Always Show Now Playing On Top. Right Click again and select the view you want for music files (if not playing video) visualisations etc. Close the player and it should default to those settings when opened by the plugin, although the window may resize automatically for video playback if fullscreen is not selected. 


The plugin was built and tested on Win10

I think i got all the main media formats covered that windows media player can play back, but i may have missed some. If the player doesn't find some of your files (and they work in windows media player) then please let me know.

Any issues

Please have a look at \Pinballx\Plugins\PBXMediaPlayer_log.txt, if it's something obvious the detail should be in there. If an error has occurred playing a specific file then confirm it can be opened in Windows Media Player (if you can't play a file in WMP then the plugin can't either). 
Otherwise, please reply attaching your PBXMediaPlayer_log.txt, PBXMediaPlayer.ini, Pinballx.ini & log.txt files as well as the issue description.


To @wrd1972@simbamame for help testing the plugin on their systems. Also thanks to @Tom Speirsand @Adultery for pinballx and the plugin template used.


22/05/19 Update - Attached WMP Backglass Skin.zip

Use of this with the plugin is entirely optional and is intended mainly for users playing audio only files who want  track information to be displayed on a backglass screen over the backglass video. More information  https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/22325-plugin-pinballx-media-player/?do=findComment&comment=187384



WMP Backglass Skin.zip

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This looks like an awesome addition! Is it possible to add an option to select the monitor you want it to play videos or visualizations. Some may be fine if it defaults to the playfield, while most may want it to display to the backglass.

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2 hours ago, Draco1962 said:

This looks like an awesome addition! Is it possible to add an option to select the monitor you want it to play videos or visualizations. Some may be fine if it defaults to the playfield, while most may want it to display to the backglass.

Thanks Draco.. I passed the buck with the player position to Windows!, I've hopefully clarified the Tips section in first post a bit, basically you need to open windows media player on its own outside pinballx, switch to now playing view and then drag it to the screen you want it on before closing it. When the plugin opens it it'll open on that screen.

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I've created a simple WMP skin for use with this plugin to display track information - scrolling artist, track & album information in a more backglass friendly way than the WMP default skin. It is text only with no video or visualisation area so that is all it will display regardless of whether playing a video or music file, although video/visualisation can be made visible by selecting Full Screen in the plugin (which in turn will hide the track information bar of the skin).



I'll add the download zip to the first post.

To install you'll need to unzip the 'WMP Backglass Skin.zip' file and then install the Digirtu_.ttf font file (used by the skin) - double click that and then click install. Next step is to install the WMP skin by double clicking the Backglass LED.wmz file, that should bring up a View Now option which will open WMP and allow you to position the track info bar on screen by dragging it to position. Close WMP and then select to use a visible player in the plugin via plugin manager. 

Depending on how you have the plugin configured the track information should be visible on top of the backglass video either when you next start pinballx, or when it enters attract mode.

I'm open to suggestions on tweaks to the skin if you have any.. splitting track, band, album details out to separate boxes, different font etc. 

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