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lastselected entry cleared after creating Videos

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Don't know if it is a bug or a feature ...

When I create a video with "Game list manager", the entry in PinballX.ini that hold the last selected entry in PBX ( lastselected = under the [internal] section) is cleared.

This happend after the last video is captured.

If I create multiple videos, this entry is correct until the last video is captured and when it returned to "Gamelist manager" again

Is this something that can be fixed ?




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Thanks Tom.

I hoped that 3.40 had the fix in it, but still there

I must say, it looks like that 3.40 starts much faster that 3.38 I had. 

EDIT : Made a small batch file that I launch instead of "Game manager.exe"

It first create a copy of the pinballx.ini and after closing Game manager.exe  it will set this version back.

Not sure if it is the correct way, but works for me :cheers:

@echo off
copy C:\Pinball\PinballX\Config\PinballX.ini C:\Pinball\PinballX\Config\PinballX.bak /y
"C:\Pinball\PinballX\Game Manager.exe"
IF EXIST "C:\Pinball\PinballX\Config\PinballX.bak" (
  del C:\Pinball\PinballX\Config\PinballX.ini /y
  copy C:\Pinball\PinballX\Config\PinballX.bak C:\Pinball\PinballX\Config\PinballX.ini /y
) ELSE (
  Echo Nothing found. Error !


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47 minutes ago, Tom Speirs said:

Sorry buddy, not had a chance to look at that yet.

No problem Tom.

I made a workaround and thats working fine.

I enjoy everyday fron your front end. You make people happy with your programs


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