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PinballX Enhancements/Features Requests

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PinballX is wonderful. However, I miss a few features (maybe some of them already exist but I don't know about them?). Anyway, after reading the documentation I didn't find anything from the list below. These are of course my thoughts, not everyone has to agree with them, but maybe some position will interest the authors of this great front-end :) 


1. fuzzysearch in game manager. 
Currently, if we have a large number of games and want to reach this particular one - there is a lot of scrolling which is not convenient. The "search" field at the top where you could enter at least 3 characters, after which the list would be filtered, would be very convenient. 

2. highscore displayed on playfield info box (not DMD) 
It would be nice to see what records are set on it while browsing the games (no need to go to menu/info)

3. Loading images
Displaying random images is not always OK.... is a collection of beautiful graphics but if they are displayed randomly, some do not match the game being loaded at all. I have some ideas for this:
a) if there is a picture with the same name as the game - load it... if not - use a random image.

I know that there is a plugin that works the way it is described, but unfortunately it doesn't work for me.  

it works now, see thread: 

Plugin works, but if it doesn't find a picture with the same name as the table, it will load randomly only those named loading.png, loading.gif, loading.jpg. So randomly we have only 3 options at our disposal.  Ideally, any image from a folder should be loaded randomly. 

It could be a built-in option
b) subfolders in the 'Loading images' directory with a name such as a group or a list. If there is a subfolder with the same name as the group/list, use a random image from that subfolder. This would make it possible to create images thematically
c) in my opinion the best option: do not use the images from the "Loading images" folder at all! Instead, leave the animated playfield/backglass as long as the game is loaded, with the only difference that you can change the contents of the "info box" window to animated "LOADING" text (optionally put "loading" text on the backglass, e.g. in the lower right corner). After loading the game playfield and backglass disappear.  

4. creating your own lists with advanced filters:
Possibility of creating advanced filtered lists. E.g:

 - show all Visuall Pinball games that are over 80 and have 5 stars. 

-  show all Williams games with >4 stars 

5. Possibility to set the order of menu items
Now you need many clicks to go to your own created lists because they are at the very bottom of the menu. Custom lists are the most commonly used items. I know you can go back to jump to the very end, but it would be more convenient if the lists were at the top and items like "information", "rules" etc. can be at the bottom (I rarely use them personally). 

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Still would really like to see a scrollable popup keyboard using the flipper keys that would allow you to quickly jump through the tables.        

Something like hit popup button,    A B C D E F ... Z  are displayed.     Hit the flipper button to scroll to letter and press launch to select.  You jump to first table with that latter in your table list.

Once you get a ton of tables even scrolling page by page takes a long time.

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Feature Request:  additional info in the info box

It would be really helpful if the Info Box contained content that is outside the brackets in the description field. 

Typical game name consists of such elements:
Game name (Manufacturer Year) version, author

Now in the Info Box you can see the name before brackets, everything on the right of the brackets is omitted. However, the information there is also important information such as author and version. It would be great if this information appeared below the title in small print, grayed out (as less important but still important).  

The "Own notes" field in Game Manager would also be useful. "Own notes"  could also appear in small print in the Info Box (any of your own information that is important to us).


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"show only not enabled" option in game manager would be very useful to filter all games that need service. 

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