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Filter Options - Request

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I would like to throw this out there for a possible future enhancement.  The filter for List Games has support for file tags which is AWESOME.  Unfortunately, the way it handles them is not.  

For example, I would like to set up a filter to show only verified dumps, but no alternate, pirate, hack or overdump roms.   I can set up the filter to show verified dumps but that will include verified alternate roms which clutter up the list.  Ideally, the filter should be designed so that a given flag is either required or is forcibly excluded.    (A three state switch would be awesome.)  In my example, I'd set the flag filter to require verified roms but must not include pirate, hack, etc.  

Another simpler possibility would be to give us the option to make the filters strictly exclusionary.  Then I could just check no pirate, no hack, etc and I could get a clean list.

This would go a long way towards giving us the flexibility to default display only the "Good" roms but still allow us to tweak the filter on the fly to find that rare prototype gem when we want.

Thanks for reading!

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