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Chris Forrest

Joystick or Gamepad?

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I have my Winuae up and running, with a selection of  Amiga games ready to play.

I just have one question.

Is it better to go with a special cable that will fit into my Windows pc and attach

an original Amiga joystick that way (USB Port-Joystick port cable), or should i go

with an up-to-date game pad/game controller to play the games? I am figuring

that the WinUAE would not recognize the Gamepad/controller, but would pick up

an original Amiga joystick, as i think they ran on an analogue signal back in the day,

which the Amiga machine recognized. The problem would be, would the pc recognize

the Joystick, and allow it to be connected?

I just need one or the other so that i can play the joystick games that i have.

Thank you.

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