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After upgrading to Windows 1809 "LED Plugin" not working

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After my cab is upgraded to Windows 10 version 1809, the plugin "LED Plugin" isn't working anymore.

the logfile just shown

12:14:11.7  4-12-2018:  Loaded Plugin:"LED Plugin" Version 1 By Tom Speirs
12:14:11.8  4-12-2018:  PlugIn Did not initialize. Disabling PlugIn

I reinstalled PinballX, but still the same

Unchecked and checked the plugin, doesn't make a difference.

Launching the speech plugin is working fine

Within VPX or Zen Pinball FX3), the Ledwiz is still working  fine.

Anyone got an idea ?




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I can defently wait if you going to look at it.

And if you want me to test something let me know 

I created a nice loop for it ( is arround 50 steps the maximum I can create?) and really love that plugin

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