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Inside the Brotherhood of the Ad Blockers

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I first read about this back in May and filed it away to one of those "someday" projects.   


Well on this particular project someday became a few weeks ago when I ordered a Canakit Pi 3B+ kit.  Let me just say that this kit is overkill for this, but it represented a good value once you add up all the components and was readily available in a grab and go kit.

Last week I finally took the small amount of time it takes to assemble this thing and over the weekend I loaded it up and took her for a spin. 

I'm impressed, back to basic browsing without the hassles of constantly closing items I didn't open in the first place!

I recommend this to anyone that wants a simple yet effective network-wide method to block the ever-growing number of invasive ads and related nasties we continually face on a daily basis.






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I blame html 5. I first started web browsing around 2000. At that point it was a constant mess of ads and pop ups. We then moved onto a more civil period after that, but imo since html5 came in, the internet seems to be getting junked up again. Love ad blockers.

Now, if I could only get one for my letter box...

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