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VPx split sounds in WIN10.

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Every once in a while we find something that was like "wow, why did I struggle so much" and this is one of those times, so I thought I'd share.  If you're unaware, VPx has split sounds that require 2 sound cards.  Mechanical sounds from inside the machine (bumpers, lifts, servos, and really just a lot of clanking and banging that adds to the realism by 100%) and game sounds for the backglass speakers.  I have my on-board sound card for the backglass stuff and just picked up this bad boy as I've struggled for a while now trying to get it to work.  Windows 10 haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaates old sound cards. This puppy was at Bitch-buy and pricematched for 13 bucks!!  Do yourself a favor.  Hook it up, go into your sound control panel and revert your on-board sound back to default, fire up VP, go to Preferences/Audio and get those sounds.  I'm not even sure I would hear them without doing this.  The mechanical sounds are fantastic and wildly add to the overall experience.  

The USB SOUND CARD mentioned.


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