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Pablo Smiraglia

Topper "No Topper" default image and video support

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Tom, I had to open a new thread, as the old one is locked.


question: would pbx updates add images and videos to the “default images” and “default videos” for each system ? And, if so,would it overwrite whatever is there ?

the reason I ask is that I have both default videos and images at the root level (media/videos and media/images) and those serve me well as long as there are no default images and videos per system. If you plan on adding the images and videos with every update (like with 2.85) then I have to create a copy of media/videos and media/images to media/visual pinball/default videos and media/visual pinball/default images.

I guess it is workable either way, but probably best not to add files to the systems default folders to let the root default media do what it is intended to do. I just need to know, soI can configure my system properly.

I hope this makes sense.

btw, I do use system-level default images and videos to override the root-level ones for some system like pinball FX3, where I want a specific “no topper”video to be shown. This has been a great feature addition to PBX.



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The installer should only put the files there if they don't exist. So you should be good.

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Well, actually not... Think of the case where I want the pinballx\Images\No Topper.mp4 file to be the default for all systems. If you keep placing one within \pinballx\{Visual Pinball|Future Pinball}\Default Images, then those will take precedence and I have to either replace or remove them. 

Why not create the folders with no files in them (or maybe the “About this folder.txt” file alone) ?

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