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Just wanted to let you know that there is a new version of PINemHi released.

This new version includes all the hiscores for the newer STERN roms (SAM) and is compatible with vpinmame version 3.0

You can overwrite the files in your pinballx directory , you only have to setup the paths in pinemhi.ini to your visual pinball and or future pinball directory's

1240 roms are supported for visual pinball and all for future pinball. For visual pinball that means roughly 425 games that are supported.


Dna Disturber



PINemHi 1.3.1.zip

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Thanks for the update, seems to be working for me, except AC\DC 1.68 Colored? I can see it in the pinemhi.ini file,

"AC/DC Limited Edition (V1.68) (Colored)=acd_168hc.nv"

But when I try I get an error.

C:\PinballX>pinemhi.exe acd_168hc.nv
Not supported rom : C:\Visual Pinball\VPinMAME\nvram\acd_168hc.nv

The nvram file exists, if I try acd_168h.nv it works fine.



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Hi Wob,

It's not an error , It really means that the rom is not supported (yet).:D

I didn't put the color roms in , I wil put them on my todo list for the next release.

Maybe they are the same as the non colored ones then it will be a pretty quick and an easy thing to do.

If that is the case i will release an update soon with them in it.


The roms mentioned in pinemhi.ini are in fact all the roms supported by vpinmame 3.0

That section is for frontends (like pinballx) to determine which rom is being used at the start of a game.



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Ahh OK, Thanks, They should be identical to the non-color equivalent as the user actually needs to patch the original rom with a color patch.

BTW Thanks for your hard work!

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