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PinballX will not load. Hangs on DOF plugin

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I'm looking for some help in getting PinballX to load.  It was working fine with my DOF set up, but something has happened, and it will no longer load.  I have looked at the log file and it seems that the directoutput plugin is stopping things.  I have attached my pinballx.ini and log.txt files for those that can understand them.

Any help is appreciated!



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An “initialization routine failed.” problem generally occurs because a) some dll that this dll referenced was not found or B something in the init method failed.

The problem is that option B could really mean anything, such as the init routine making calls that require permissions that you don’t have, or for example that it interacts with the desktop which is not permitted from a service etc.

The most common issue though is that the component was not properly installed, so that some of its dependencies are not available.

Check out the following blog for possible solutions:


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