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Fatal Error D3DERR

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Looking for some help.  I believe this might have to do with memory.  Only get this error on VP10 games (VP9s play fine)....and only recently.  I used to play them fine at normal settings.  Using 4k TV at recommended settings size settings ( 3840x2460) and its running 29Hertz.  When I go down to running a smaller screen resolution say, 1920x1080...games play fine..

Not sure why this all of sudden started.  Doesn't matter if game is started from file or PinballX.  Running WIN10

Video card has 2gb memory.  I even tried resetting video card AMD  Radeon RX460 down to defaults.   Would a larger memory on new video card solve

Any help or insight to error or why its suddenly started would greatly be appreciated.  I'm a hobbiest at this, not a full programmer.



fatal error vp10 error.jpg

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Usually such error messages are because of DirectX.  Download and install latest DirectX.

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Just a note, that if you're trying to use a 4k res, running at 29Hz things will be choppy, usually you'll want to change your refresh rate to 60Hz. I've seen many things have problems with a non-standard refresh rate at higher resolutions! 

Since you're running Win10 directX is probably already up to date, unless you turned off auto update, but RX460 is an older card, I'm guessing if it can't handle 60Hz at 3840x1600 you should stick to 1080p at 60.

This issue could also be device driver related, say if AMD updated the drivers they might have introduced problems. You could try starting there and working back.

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