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Strange issue with Pinball FX2 Media and Pinball X

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Hi guys.  I imported all the star wars tables in to Pinball X, I decided rather than manually add all the media I would let the game manager import the media for me online.  However some of it got messed up, for instance about 4 of the tables all point to New Hope's video playfield.  So i went in and manually updated those tables to point to the correct media file (all the media has been stored within the pinball X media folders), then go back in to Pinball X but nothing has changed.

So went back in to the game manager and deleted the problem tables and manually added them again and pointed to the correct media.....still same issue !


Any ideas what i should do?  all getting very messy.


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Disable file matching. System is probably getting a little confused because I imagine that all of these files have names that start off as some variant of "Star Wars - ..."

Look at your FX2 database xml file. Make sure that the file name of the video you intend to use matches the value of the description tag exactly. Watch for spaces, dashes, etc.


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