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sloppyjoe35    0


Trying to install latest version of gameex.

Getting net framework 2 error parsing message on Windows 10.

I repaired net framework thru control panel but still getting message.

15:56:18.9  12-Aug-17:  Opening Configuration File
15:56:19.0  12-Aug-17:  GameEx: Version 14.82: Starting Log
15:56:19.1  12-Aug-17:  Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
15:56:19.1  12-Aug-17:  Aero running
15:56:19.1  12-Aug-17:  Initializing Vista/Windows 7 volume control
15:56:19.1  12-Aug-17:  Getting CPU and RAM info
15:56:19.1  12-Aug-17:  Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz, 8086MB
15:56:19.1  12-Aug-17:  3.4Ghz - 4 Cores or CPU's
15:56:19.1  12-Aug-17:  Running Randomize()
15:56:19.1  12-Aug-17:  Loading PlugIns
15:56:19.1  12-Aug-17:  Checking for applications to Launch On Startup
15:56:19.1  12-Aug-17:  Setting default net connection limit to 15
15:56:19.1  12-Aug-17:  Running Misc startup tasks
15:56:19.1  12-Aug-17:  Setting Menu types
15:56:19.2  12-Aug-17:  Getting Configuration Values
15:56:19.2  12-Aug-17:  Using Theme: Default - Default
15:56:19.2  12-Aug-17:  Checking for alternate Image Directory for Theme: Default - Default
15:56:19.2  12-Aug-17:  Launching HideOS.exe
15:56:19.2  12-Aug-17:  Initialising Video/MNG DLL's
15:56:19.2  12-Aug-17:  GameEx will check for media insertion (may affect performance)
15:56:19.2  12-Aug-17:  Hiding Taskbar
15:56:19.2  12-Aug-17:  Is Media Center running?
15:56:19.2  12-Aug-17:  Checking/Creating LCD Registry values
15:56:19.2  12-Aug-17:  Check Media Center Exit/Start Mode
15:56:19.2  12-Aug-17:  Media Center Mode 2
15:56:19.2  12-Aug-17:  Video previews on. Warning: Only recommended on modern systems
15:56:19.2  12-Aug-17:  Snap Delay set to: 4
15:56:19.2  12-Aug-17:  Get other settings
15:56:19.2  12-Aug-17:  Set: Find emulator artwork on best match basis
15:56:19.2  12-Aug-17:  Start work for Form
15:56:19.2  12-Aug-17:  Getting Original Screen Size
15:56:19.2  12-Aug-17:  Opening Database Connection
15:56:19.3  12-Aug-17:  --**--
15:56:19.3  12-Aug-17:  Error: The type initializer for 'System.Transactions.Diagnostics.DiagnosticTrace' threw an exception.
15:56:19.4  12-Aug-17:     at System.Transactions.Diagnostics.DiagnosticTrace.get_Verbose()
15:56:19.4  12-Aug-17:     at System.Transactions.Transaction.get_Current()
15:56:19.4  12-Aug-17:     at System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteConnection.Open()
15:56:19.4  12-Aug-17:     at GameEx.GameEx.MainForm.a(Boolean A_0, String A_1, Boolean A_2)
15:56:19.4  12-Aug-17:     at GameEx.GameEx.MainForm..ctor()
15:56:19.4  12-Aug-17:  Disposing Plugins
15:56:19.4  12-Aug-17:  GameEx is exiting with errors
15:56:19.5  12-Aug-17:  ERRORS DETECTED: EXITING
15:56:19.5  12-Aug-17:  Bye



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Tom Speirs    2328

Looks like \data\data.db3 may be corrupt. Backup the file and install GameEx again (without uninstalling).



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