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Noob can't get PinballX to load Future Pinball games

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langlem    0

Hello all... first time poster here.  I have been working in my spare time all week trying to set up a very basic PinballX system.  Just dipping my feet in the pool.

I have pretty extensive experience setting up MAME in GameX, Mala, Hyperspin, etc... so this is all the set up pretty familiar to me.

I have basically spent the last two days reading thru every post I could find here and the other forums as well as watched dozens of YT vids concerning setting up a new system. I am almost embarrassed to post this question because I am just sure the solution is beyond simple!!  But at some point you have to concede and ask for help.

Here is my basic setup... Win7 64bit  I5 computer with a vid card that is more than enough.  Just want to run a few dozen FP tables and then begin the process of building the cab.  I am just using a keyboard with plans to add an ipac when the actual build commences.  At the moment I have two monitors; a 40 inch 1920x1080 LCD for the playing field and a 27 inch 1600x1200 LCD for the backglass.  (may add a 3rd screen for DMD down the road...but at this time two is fine.)

I know others have had similar issues but I cant get ANY FP tables to load from the menu. They work just fine when running direct from the FP loader outside of PX.  I have installed and uninstalled multiple times from scratch and always end up at the same point.  In my log is says "system can not find the file...."  I believe I have added them all correctly in the game manager??

I have changed the parameters several different times to everything I have found in relation to the issue...  run everything as administrator... Followed Terry Reds excellent guide to the T best I can tell.  I suspect I may have an XML issue...based on my regular MAME experience.. but am a bit unsure on how to double check that is right in PX.  

I will post a pic of my ini and screenshot of my settings.  Sorry so long winded...just trying to get this solved.  Any help is most appreciated!!




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langlem    0

Oh man...that was it.  I was just using the browse feature to locate the exe location...which seemed to point it in the correct spot. As soon as I manually typed in the FULL address location.  Boom, worked as it should.


 Thanks so much!



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