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EA Origin – Manually Moving Games To Another Drive

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EA Origin – Manually Moving Games To Another Drive

The following guide will allow for the successful manual moving of game files to another drive for EA Origin installed games with the assumption that you have your games installed under a root folder named Origin Games or something similar. Otherwise, you will need to move your individual game folders to the new hard drive following these same steps:

  •        Copy the root folder to the new drive.
  • Once the copy has been completed, go to the original drive and delete the root folder and all contents.
  • Open Origin and go to Origin > Application Settings > Advanced.
  • Under Downloaded Games, click the Change button and direct it to the root folder on your new hard drive. This will set the download and installation path for new games going forward.
  • Return to the My Games view and click the Download button to re-install the game. Instead of re-downloading the entire game, Origin will detect the existing files in the new location and make any necessary minor changes. This step will also create new shortcuts in your Windows Start menu.

A few cleanup chores in order to get things to work correctly via GameEx:

  •       Go into each game via Origin to ensure that they launch and you have addressed any component updates as required.
  • If you are using Shortcut (.lnk) files stored in a separate folder to be run via GameEx as a separate emulator, you will need to copy & paste the new shortcut files in the folder and overwrite the existing shortcut files.
  • If you are using the integrated Origin support, your games should load and play via the menu as before.


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