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puzzle madness

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Puzzle Madness

Puzzle Madness, a contest that will pin some of the best puzzle players in the world in 6 games. Puzzle Madness will start at midnight est on april 1st and end at 11:59 pm est on the 11th. This will be the 1st wolf contest since wolf 4 in 2013 to require strong proof for score inp/ru/stream/ or video.

Date April 1st to April 11th


Other Rules:

INPs sent that will include use of macros, autofire, 2 players cooperation, altered speed, will be not considered. To be precise about recording speed, it must be included between 95% and 100~101%.

All scores require an inp, video or stream

-The score you claim must be done on the first credit of your inp recording. Failure to do so will result in your score being changed to what it was for the first credit.

-To encourage good sportsmanship, no recording can be uploaded 24 hours after you recorded it. If these periods are violated, then that person's score for that game will be changed to zero.

-No Autofire

No Pausing

If using an inp file can use one of the following: latest WolfMAME, WolfMAME .106, or RetroUprising



will be Ranking per game(on the site it shows % it should be changed soon)
we are working on bonus points for early submissions to prevent sandbagging

Adjudication – We understand different people have access to different equipment - both for broadcast/recording and gameplay (e.g arcade/MAME cabinets). Every score is subject to challenge / review, regardless of what forms of evidence is supplied. Therefore, it is in every player's best interest to provide as much evidence as possible.

sign up here

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