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Tom Speirs

[NEWS] PinballlX 2.13

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Color DMD support is officially here. With support for Pin2DMD and PinDMD3. You will find two new display settings to either enable color or chose your shaded color (nice for official Pinball feel). Otherwise its pretty much seamless and you don't need to chose what device you have or anything like that.

There are two new folders for each system for the color images and videos which will be used if color is enabled in the setup wizard. PinDMD2 still works and is unaffected.

Many thanks to both Russell and Lucky1 for the help getting this into PinballX and XDMD and for their two great products.

In addition thanks to GSTAV we have a nice new launch audio feature to play OGG.,WAV.MP3, when launching a table. It actually adds a really nice touch to the front end and expect to hear from GSTAV shortly on this and what he already has available for you.

As always, please enjoy.


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Note: I don't send spam or sell your details. So with that in mind, creating a temporary email address to download PinballX is not cool and you could be subject to a permanent ban. Sorry, it is just one of those things that ticks me off since the software is free. You have been warned.

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