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Pinball FX2 Video Backglass

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I've been creating Video backglass's for the FX2 Fantasy tables that are based on shows and movies trailers.

They're 1280x1024 with a grill,for a two screen setup. Its not really traditional but I wanted something different than whats out there and since they're fantasy tables theres not real backglass to use.

Im not sure anyone else would use them but I'm figured I'd ask

As always CC is always welcome.

heres links to star wars trilogy ones and video preview.


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I look forward to taking a look at these tonight from home. Can you create some in 1920x1080 "no grill" format for those of us with 3 monitor setups? While the grill is cool for those with two monitor setups and no actual grill, the speaker grill is a bit redundant if you already have one on the pin cab.

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its possible currently the tool to download videos from youtube caps out @ 1280x720 so it worked out well adding a grill to make them 1280x1024

if i can find a tool that lets me grap the 1080p version i could..,

I think this suits the cartoon games and starwars the best..so far

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Nice job!

I'll use them, but I have a three screen setup as well. I can trim out the grill though.

The links for TFA are not working.

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heres might of the first order

no grill


with grill


rebels with grill


clone wars with grill


Han Solo with grill


Boba Fett with grill


Iron Man with grill


The Avengers with grill


Guardians of the Galaxy with grill


Avengers Age of Ultron with grill


Ant-Man with grill


American Dad with grill


Bob's Burgers with grill


Family Guy with Grill


Archer with Grill


Archer Highway to the DangerZone with Grill


The Walking Dead AMC style


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Good job! Since I do very little video editing I am not sure how to clip the grill. I like the videos on the backglass.

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i'll see if i can't just crop them all with handbrake and upload those with no grill as well, just haven't' gone back to work on them yet.

Going forward I'll save both by default(like the new star wars ones)

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Yes, Handbrake or Avidemux. Even ffmpeg from the commandline. It's really not hard to do. Should be able to scale it larger to fit on 1920x1080 as well. I'll get around to doing it at some point, and if bloodydrake is inclined I can copy up to the FTP. That is, if someone doesn't beat me to it.

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You guys are the best! Having them on the FTP is best as links go dead over time.

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Ok here is all the no grill version.

Walking Dead


Clone Wars



Han Solo


Return of the Jedi


Empire Strikes Back


A New Hope


Boba Fett


The Avengers


Iron Man


Guardians of the Galaxy




Age of Ultron


Family Guy


Bob's Burgers

Archer Highway to the Danger Zone




American Dad


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Excellent....looks great on my cab!

Thanks.... hope to see more! Lots of source material available for this type of backglass style, that's for sure!

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Thanks and glad some are finding them useful. I'm very much a newbie to imovie so cuts and stuff are pretty basic,but its been fun learning how to do this.

Hopefully it will inspire some others that are way more proficient and artistically creative to take things to another level.

I'll continue with stuff that has material I can matchup well enough.

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These look awesome in my cabinet. Thanks again.

edit:  the wrong video was showing....should be the correct one now  (PBFX2 videos)




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