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[GUIDE] Game Ex and Steam

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How to install the “Steam Emulator” on Game Ex Front-End

Purposes of this tutorial:

So, I just recently bought the Game Ex software because I wanted to have my Steam games integrated with my Game Ex front-end. I thoroughly enjoy this software. It does so much right; it does more than I expected it to do with the free version. I did not mind paying the $45 bucks to get it registered. My only gripe about it was after I paid the $45 buck I was able to get all of my Steam game integrated with Game Ex without a hitch, well, almost.

So, what’s wrong?

When I downloaded Game Ex, then register it and got all my Steam games as they should be. My issue is that they did not all have video snaps, and they all were not the video snaps that I would have chosen for my games list. Also some of the titles did not match the way that I wanted them to.

How did you fix it?

Setup Microsoft Windows as an emulator, then I just changed the name to Steam

Point the emulator path to where your Steam.exe is.

Finish the emulator setup as you would normally.

Create a Rom folder.

Go to your directory of where you games are installed for Steam (By Default: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\Common\Call of Duty Advance Warfare (for example)

Open one your first game file (for example Call of Duty Advance Warfare) search for .exe. In this example you will see one for multiplayer and one for the campaign. The one for multiplayer is labeled with an MP on the end. (Just FYI)

Once you find the .exe of the game that you want then create a shortcut, and send it to the ROM folder for your Steam ROMs.

Repeat this process for all of your games.

Launch your Game Ex front-end.

Remap the Microsoft Logo to a Steam one (this step is purely cosmetic).

What about the video snaps?

What I did was use a program called Clip Grab – www.clipgrab.org then I just edited the video to my liking. I used Movie Maker from Microsoft. You can also use the video software within Game Ex.


I hope that I have helped some of you with your frustration. Please let me know if this helped you or you thought this was pointless. Or if you just have any questions, I will try and get with you as soon as I am able to do so. Again thanks for your time.

Special Thanks

Tom Speirs, and the rest of the Game Ex staff I have tried, and failed several times to get Hyperspin to do anything but fail. This software was awesome to say the least. Well done!!

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