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[GUIDE] Pinball FX2 Setup for Steam and PinballX

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Hello everybody,

because I was asked, if I may do a small step-by-step guide on "how to Setup Pinball FX2" (STEAM VERSION), I did it.

This is about:
- how to start table directly via parameter
- how to move the DMD of Pinball FX2 to another screen
- how to remove the ugly border and
- how to use Images and Videos for PFX2 in PinballX

It´s just a simple guide, but maybe helpful for somebody.

First I did this just in German, but later on I was asked if I may translate it as soon as possible to English.
So, I was a little bit in a hurry - please don´t mind if it isn´t translated perfectly...

This is just a first DRAFT-Version... maybe there will be corrections and minor changes in future.

Kind regards,

PFX2 in PBX_Ver0.9_ENG.zip

PFX2 in PBX_Ver0.9_GER.zip

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Awsome thank you , this sounds like a way better solution than trying to figure out nuke launcher

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