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[GUIDE] Alternative to running HTML Applications with Java Script via GameEx

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This has been an ongoing issue I have encountered when attempting to run some sites via HTML applications in GameEx. This is due to a limitation with the "built in" web browser container in vb.net and not GameEx proper.

For example, I like using the online sites for Last.fm, Pandora, and Slacker. Unfortunately, they tend to be rely heavily on the Java script and throw a lot of warning propmpts asking if I want to continue running scripts on this page Yes or No. It doesn't matter which I select, the prompts repeat and make it impossible to close out of the page and go back to GameEx.

In order to get around this but include those sites in my GameEx setup, I plugged the following into one of the External Applications slots using Last.fm for my example:

1. Select an open slot.

2. Select Enable

3. Enter Last.fm as the name

4. Enter C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\ as the path

5. Enter iexplore.exe -k http://www.last.fm/home

6. Snap/Logo I had alredy made a logo so selected it.

7. Show desktop set to No

8. Map keys set to Yes

The remaining options I left at default.

For step 5 - I decided to use IE (I have Windows 8.1 with IE 11 installed). Contrary to popular belief, it is a pretty stable and reliable browser. the -k switch following iexplore.exe is the kiosk switch. This loads IE in kiosk mode which appears cleaner without the tool, address, and other bars at the top.

So far it runs great. To exit IE requires Alt+F4 to close IE. and exit back to GameEx. WIth Map keys enabled, Escape or Back will go back to GameEx, but will not kill the application, so still have that to work on. I hope this helps others that may have wanted to run web apps but were not able to overcome the jscript issues.

EDIT: One thing you may run into regardless of your choice of browser in a mutliple monitor environment is where the browser may open. I have two m onitors and IE initially opened on the second monitor instead of my primary. I simply opened IE and dragged it to the primary, then closed it. When I clicked on IE to open again, my system remembered where it was when it last closed. I tested it within GameEx again and it opened on the correct monitor.

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I do almost the exact same thing but with Chrome in a shell.

Unfortunately the web browser container in vb.net doesn't support any kind of scripting. The backspace thing is really annoying though for sure.

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I am sure Chrome is similar. We use IE almost exclusively at work so I tend to do so often at home so I can keep familiar. Since they started issuing the techs (myself included) Surface Pro 3s as laptop replacements, myself and one other tech have become pretty much the "go to" guys for any issues others in the company experience. It's amazing how much of what I learn at home for this hobby translates into solutions at work.

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