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Multiple Fonts within a Theme [Theme Question]

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I am in the process of modding a Windows Media Center theme and calling it "GoogleNow." However, I can't figure out what controls the second font. The overall Theme Editor font menu controls the white text in objects like "List". The font inside Menu, Select Line 1, Select Line 2, and List Num are using a slightly grey font.

This causes problems with my background and the objects are unreadable. Any ideas?

EDIT: I learned how to do screenshots (GameEx has to be ran in Windowed Mode). I've added two attachments




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I hate to bump this but it's driving me crazy. My theme is now about 99% done but this font issue is preventing me from calling it complete.

Another idea is to place a shadow box behind it. Something like a transparent soft blue would be just fine. The only problem is the content in this section has all different text lengths and the shadow box would need to be adjustable based on what's displayed.

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