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Tom Speirs

Explanation of Member groups

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Standard Member Titles:

  • Basic Member - Created a forum account, but has not purchased anything or purchased previously but does not currently have a subscription.
  • GameEx Founding Member - Has a lifetime license of legacy GameEx but are otherwise basic members with additional download/upload allowance.
  • Supporting Member - Purchased 1 year of access to GameEx Online and FTP features but has not purchased a GameEx license
  • GameEx Supporting Member - Purchased a license of GameEx, and has GameEx Online/FTP access for a period of time
  • GameEx Lifetime Member - Purchased a lifetime license of GameEx with lifetime online access after August 1, 2013 , and has access to GameEx Online/FTP features

Transference of Lifetime Licenses:  Users with GameEx Lifetime member title will be rolled over to a full lifetime license of GameEx Evolution with lifetime online access.  If the user does not have that member title (and does not have a special member title such as Contributor or Elite), they will need to purchase a new license or upgrade for GameEx Evolution.
Forum, FTP and GameEx Online access:

  • Basic Member - 15MB Upload space. FTP upload only. 20 saved personal messages. 5 downloads a day from download section, 10 second wait, 150MB per day. No access to PinballX download service. No access to GameEx Onliine and FTP. Advertisements shown on forum.
  • Supporting and Lifetime Members - 500MB Upload space. Unlimited FTP, PinballX download service, and download section access. 5000 saved personal messages and attachments. Full access to GameEx Online. Removal of forum advertisements.

GameEx Online is NOW AVAILABLE for members in categories 3, 4, and 5 of the Standard Member Titles - http://online.gameex.com 

Purchases before July 2014 were not handled on the community here so you will have no invoice or purchase.

Some products and services come with a subscription. You cancel this subscription with PayPal and not on the forum. Several services and features within products will no longer be available if you do. It is your responsibility to manage this subscription with PayPal. We cannot do it for you.

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