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Welcome to the GameEx Evolution General Forum! This is the place to discuss all things related to GameEx Evolution (unless there is a dedicated forum for specific areas as noted below:

:GXEvo:Forum Guidelines and Rules - If this is your first time posting, please read these guidelines that are enforced within our community.

:GXEvo: FAQs, Guides, and Other Useful Information forum - Contains Frequently Asked Questions, user guides, information on how to configure various emulators to run via GameEx Evolution. You may also wish to visit the Spesoft - GameEx Wiki.

:GXEvo:Features and Enhancement Requests thread - If you have a suggestion for a new feature or an enhancement of an existing feature of GameEx Evolution, please post it here.

:GXEvo:GameEx Evolution Media Projects forum - For information and discussions regarding Themes and Graphics (including Flash and video content and other related image projects), sound files, etc.,

:GXEvo:Plugins, Addons, Wrappers, etc. forum - Discussion regarding Plugins, Addons, Wrappers, and user-created applications can be found here,

:GXEvo:The VIP Forum - A private forum for our GameEx Evolution users and contributors of Elite status.

Other Spesoft Forums

:GXEvo:Gamer's Tavern - Our local watering hole, including Social Club (non-frontend banter and off-topic conversations), Gamer Rigs (GameEx and PinballX users to show off their gaming rigs and share setup details), and Buy - Sell - Trade (buy, sell, or trade items/services)

:GXEvo:Hi-Score Competitions - Member-Hosted competitions where members can post their Hi Scores, engage in competitions with other members, etc.

:GXEvo:PinballX - Forums dedicated to the PinballX pincab frontend.

:GXEvo:GameEx - Forums for GameEx.

Please start a new thread in this forum to report errors or bugs within GameEx Evolution. When reporting a possible error/bug, please provide a copy of your gameex.ini and log.txt file in your thread to facilitate a quicker response. Additional files and information may be requested to further attempt a diagnoses of your issue.

Impotant Note: Issues with your registration key will not be addressed via the forums. Please go to the Client Area and use the contact link provided if you did not receive your key or if you are having problems with your GameEx registration.


Thank you.

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