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XDMD grayscale handling for Real DMD ?

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Hello Tom,

could you explain me how XDMD does the grayscale or colour handling of bitmap images ?

Background of my question: I'm trying to create some static Real DMD Images for my PinDMD v2 with Vishay.

I use GIMP 2.8, with a canvas of 128x32 and have defined a palette with 8 gray levels between 0% and 100%

My problem is, that values below 50% all seems to be too bright on the Vishay.

Anything between 5% and 50% looks the same.

What I'm doing wrong ?

Thanks a lot for some more information.

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I am just speculating here sigma as i am only going off my own experiences (which I must post on here somewhere) but I think it may be only working on the PinDMD1 limitations of 4 shades as compared to 16 with the PinDMD2. As I say, I am only speculating though.

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