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Organising your own competition - Tips and pointers...

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Organising your own competition !

We welcome you to organise your own competition on any platform you desire. You decide the rules !

We do like to give you some tips and pointers on how to organise your competition and making it presentable, readable and easy to understand :)

Thread title

It would be nice if your thread title shows info on which platform the competition is being played.

Example: "NES - Mario Bros Contest" or "MAME - Shoot Em Up Tournament || Round 1"

Tip: if you want to edit your thread's title you should go to post #1 of your thread, choose edit and then select "Use Full Editor". You will then be able to change your topic's title.

Thread layout

To make your competition easy to understand you could share the following info:

  • Type of contest; what kind of contest are you running ? A shoot em up, platform, puzzle contest or something totally different ? Will it be a single game contest or possibly a tournament ? You decide.
  • Game settings / dip switches; which specific game settings should everybody use ? How many lives, which difficulty settings, which ROMSet etc.
  • Additional rules; a summary of all specific rules everybody should follow.
  • Organising a tournament...
    # What kind of tournament will it be ? A knockout tournament, a multi-stage tournament or perhaps a double elimination tournament ?
    # What kind of point scoring system will you use ?; you could for example decide to award points based upon the amount of contestants. With 15 contestants the no. 1 ranked gets 15 points, the no. 2 ranked gets 14 points etc. It's up to you.

Final Notes

Please only use one thread per competition. If you run a multi-round contest we kindly ask you to not start a new thread for each round. Just publish the results of each round as a reply to your original thread. You can then put links in your first post to the results of each round and update your first post with the current round info and tournament statistics. Please refer to our "MAME - Shoot Em Up Tournament thread" for more info.

Updating your competition results. We kindly ask you to publish and update your competition results in the first post of your thread. If you for example look at the game threads of our "GameEx Hi-Score Competition" (example) each first post shows the game's hi-score table with the best score of each contestant. Easy to read and understand ;)

We have given you some guidelines to organise your very own competition. You however decide the rules. It's entirely up to you. Good luck :)

If you have any questions or concerns then feel free to PM either GC, Han or Dazz and we'll do our best to assist you. For general forum rules, please click here.

Game on!

~The HS Team

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