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[PLUGIN DEVELOPMENT] VB.NET PinballX Snap-In Plugin Template

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I put this together as I was in the planning phase of a new Xpadder plugin for PinballX. If you want to get into making a plugin for Tom's interface, here's the only start-up tool you'll ever need! All you need to do is drop the zip file in the Visual Studio Templates>Visual Basic directory. Included in the package are:

  • Updated PinballX Plugin class
    Includes the new keypress function!
  • Logger Utility
    Based on a modified version by our very own Headkaze!
    Built in support for debug logging
  • INI Utility
    A comprehensive INI reading and writing utility
  • A sample configuration form

The template was created in VS 2012 Ultimate. If you have questions or need advice, don't hesitate to ask!

Download the template from here.

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@Tom Speirs

Hi Tom,

I'm trying to add basic navigation to the media player plugin (skip etc). This would be for when PinballX is in Attract Mode only. What i want to do is capture a key/joy button press in the Event_Input function, do the stuff in the plugin and then set the the key/joy button value to False and pass that back to PinballX.

Unfortunately it appears that PinballX exits attract mode regardless of the key/button press being cancelled by the plugin. I want PinballX to stay in Attract Mode in these circumstances (it would exit attract mode for other button presses where they are not cancelled by the plugin), is there a way to achieve that?

Hope i'm making sense!... let me know if you need more info.


Edit - do i need to use the PinballXStatus integer flag somehow? - not sure what the values for that in the Event_Input function for the plugin mean.

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Also tried returning False from the Event_Screensaver function in the plugin for Type 2 (exit screensaver) - doesn't seem to cancel the exit, i guess this would be the correct way of doing what i want if i can get it to work

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Just wanted to say that I did see this and am not ignoring you, just wrapped up.




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