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multiple audio source

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Hello, this frontend is so fast, I love it ! I'm a bit sick of using hyperpin/fplaunch because of the slowness and all the workaround to make things just work. Anyway, I have a request about the audio. I'm guessing some people like me are mixing audio in the playfield videos, for exemple Jurassic Park movie theme in the playfield video from the table.

As I would like to constantly have some kind of ambiance, I've tried to put some mp3 in the ambiance folder. Is there a way to fade out the volume of the ambiance while a video with sound is playing ? If it's not detectable maybe adding a checkbox in a database ? That would be awesome to have ambiance and table videos with theme music !

edit : Oh another thing, is there somewhere in the installation dir a file with all the text strings ? (play game, etc...) so I can edit them in my langage ?

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