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[RESOLVED] ArcadeVGA3000 Mame no longer working

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epicfatigue    11

Hey Guys,

So I decided to move to a true graphics card for my cab in the hope it would make the world of difference.

However after installing the card even Gameex menus run slow where as before they were lightning fast?

And now when i select a mame game it goes to load then quickly flashes back to the information screen right before launching the rom.

My computer specs are

Arcadevga3000 (previously a crap x550)

Asus Rampage formula x48

Intel Xenon 5.5ghz dual core

Hyperx ram 1044 4gb

Rampage sound card

Corsair PSU

2tb HDD x 2

Windows 7 64bit

So i am at a bit of a loss here as to what might have happened ? or as to why it runs like a dog.

Anyone had similar issues with one of these?

Also in my settings according to Ultimac they say to do the below (source )

My question is should this be enabled and the arcade vga section be set to off or should it be set to on and this shouldnt be put in mame settings? or should both be set?

Thanks Guys

MAME Configuration (General)

This step is VITAL. If you do not do this you will not get any of the benefit of the ArcadeVGA card.

By default MAME is configured to stretch and re-process the picture to fit on whatever resolution your PC happens to be running at. YOU DO NOTWANT THIS TO HAPPEN because using the ArcadeVGA card you can have un-distorted video with a one-to-one pixel mapping.

The basic changes you need to make are:




The command-line switches to do this if running Mame from a commandline are:

-videoddraw -nohwstretch -switchres

Post config in a seconds

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Draco1962    2157

You should be able to attach it using the full editor. If you are tying to paste it, you may need to disable html by unchecking the option.

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epicfatigue    11

I have found if i remove these switches everything boots okay.

-videoddraw -nohwstretch -switchres

However the website claims if i do not use these switches in mame i have wasted my money as i am not using 1 to 1 pixel mapping.

where should i go from here guys? little bit confused :S

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