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Found 9 results

  1. Hey everyone, I am currently trying to build a Cocktail gaming machine with Windows 10 and Mame. The machine is currently running Mame 0.16b with the GameEx Arcade Frontend. I have about 30 roms installed, but on the GameEx Arcade it shows that I have 1000 games with the artworks and sometimes videos. I have checked the "Only Working Games" under MAME setting in the Setup Wizard but it did not do anything. Is there anyway I can only show the names of the games I have?
  2. I go the notification and updated Game Ex (got an error on auto update but downloaded manually) and since have not been able to start Game Ex or Setup Wizard or anything else. I get the error Application Unable to start crrectly (0xc00000e5) I eventually uninstalled and redownloaded and reinstalled but still have the same issue. Game Ex is the only program giving me this error so far. My emulators and all other programs are loading properly. Any ideas or suggestions? Just gotta say GameEx is AMAZING! Everything I have been searching for in a frontend and I have tried quite a few
  3. Hello I just tried Gamex Arcade to build up my Mame Windows 10 quad core PC with touch screen support but it does not work as expected.. My PC is a Windows 10 64 bit machine with an Acer 27" touch screen (full HD, touch is win 8.1 compatible) and a benq beamer (full HD). The NVidia GTX 970 runs these both displays in clone mode but most of the time the touch screen display is used single. The 10 point/finger touch screen is running here since windows 8.1 was released for some years and is working without problems in different apps/games. The Problem: I was unable to use my windows compatible touchscreen with mame 64 (v191) and then i read about gamex to be a touch solution for this problem. When I try to configure Gameex arcade (Setup Wizard configuration guide) I do not find the option for tousch screen devices . There is no touch screen / tablet setting under the input section so I´m not able to configure something. At the moment I have installed the free version of Gameex Arcade and what I read about it was that it should support touch devices as well. I would like to use the gameex frontend with touch and hope to run some lightgun/trackball games also with touch screen. Anybody can help ? Regards
  4. Hey all, I am hoping I might be able to get a little assistance with an issue I've come across in Windows 10, that is unrelated to GameEx. I have an iPac 4, which I use to power my arcade control panel. It's a PS/2 connector on the board and then USB 2.0 to the computer. About 2 months ago (I think), I upgraded to Windows 10. Everything was working just fine, then I went down there last night and Windows 10 could not properly recognize the iPac 4 board. It was listed in device manager, but unknown. It should work like a plug and play keyboard device. It says "Unknown USB Device (Invalid Device Descriptor)" in device manager. I contacted Andy over at Ultimarc and he says everything should work fine in Windows 10. He said I could ship it to him and he'd check it out. That'll be shipping from USA to England though. I'd like to try and troubleshoot a bit first, so I am looking for ideas. I have tried to uninstall the software and then reinstall. That did not work. I cannot locate a driver for the device anywhere on the internet. I plan on trying to connect it to my MacBook tonight. If it works on the MacBook, I know to look more into the Windows computer. Also, I have unplugged and plugged back in a few times to see if it would register differently. Also, can anyone recommend a good location for information on Windows 10? I have it connected to my Gmail account and it asks for my password every time on startup. I thought this would be cool at first, but now I am losing it. Also, I'd like to look into disabling quite a bit of stuff. For instance, turning off OneDrive sync, OneDrive opening on startup and notifications. Maybe just a good tutorial. It seems like things are in different places. Thanks,
  5. The download screen for GameEx says the supported OSes are Windows 8 and below. Is that still true or does Windows 10 work? I think this is relatively urgent because the free Windows 10 upgrade window is expiring soon (July 28). I would like to upgrade my OS but I'd like to know if Windows 10 support is on the roadmap or what the plan is. Thanks for the info!
  6. Recently I upgraded my operating system to Windows 10.When I start a game through GameEx the Plugin Xpadder opens automatically, as it should be. But when I close the game Xpadder plugin does not close automatically. Note: It may not seem big deal, but with the buttons mapped to control it is impossible to navigate through the menus using GameEx control without first closing the Xpadder. In windows 7 Xpadder automatically closed after leaving the game. Xpadder plugin: Version 1.2.9 Xpadder version: 5.7log.txt GameEx.ini
  7. Recently I upgraded my operating system to Windows 10. After this update, whenever I enter the WinKawaks emulator in full screen mode this amulador still show its borders. I took a screen shot to show how it looks.I tried to run the emulator in compactibility mode but it still fails.I have no idea what I can do to solve the problem. Can someone help me? WinKawaks version: 1.64 log.txt GameEx.ini NEO-GEO.ini
  8. Previously, using the "Windows 7" used the following command lines to make the "Magic Engine 1.1.3" emulator running on my computer: Command=pce.exe -cd:F LaunchAfter="C:\Program Files (x86)\DAEMON Tools Lite\DTLite.exe" -unmount scsi, 0LaunchBefore="C:\Program Files (x86)\DAEMON Tools Lite\DTLite.exe" -mount scsi, 0, "[RomPath]\[RomFile]" But did the upgrade to "Windows 10". And now comes this message when I try to create a virtual SCSI drive: "the SCSI pass through direct does not work in this version of windows". I created a virtual drive DT, but the Magic Engine emulator does not recognize that there is a CD. Only when creating the SCSI DRIVE emulator that recognized the CD. Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem? GameEx.ini TURBO GRAFX CD.ini
  9. Hi all.. hoping somebody can help me. I have been a Gameex user for ages and I have just recently upgraded a couple of my PCs to Windows 10 and can not get Gameex/Mame working for the life of me... I have a very basic system... really ONLY want to get Mame working for now. I am running the latest version of GameEx (14.35) and Mame64.exe (version 0.164). It worked fine on my old system.. and I copied all the Gameex files, mame files, roms, etc straight from my working system... but no luck with the new Windows 10 install.. Gameex fires right up and looks great... I go to MAME and then it asks me if I'd like to update the games list... I do this and it takes quite a while (like it usually does), however, when finished, I only have a handful of games setup (the 2 games listed for GOLDEN ERA ARCADE are "Beast Busters" and "Bronx"). I'm guessing these may be free/public domain games that come with GameEx (no other reason I can think that it would pull only these couple files from my directory of thousands of roms)... If I go to a command prompt and just type "mame64.exe puckman" it works fine... but through GameEx, it will not update my games list (Puckman is nowhere to be found). Any ideas?? I'm wondering if I might be missing some kind of .NET framework required to make this all work? I think I installed it already (It auto-installed the .net framework pack when I installed GameEx).... I have checked and checked and rechecked all my directory paths and can't see the issue... please help me... probably something easy (it usually is), but I am truly stumped this time.. Here is my gameex.ini and my log.txt.... if anyone can help, it would be much appreciated!! Thank you thank you... Todd GameEx.ini log.txt
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