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Found 15 results

  1. Hello! Previous to 2016, I believe that the default behavior would have been that: any audio present in a video snap would always play when browsing ROMs in an emulator folder, regardless of the presence of any other audio within GameEx. For years, I had been wondering what changed in my system that could have interrupted this expectation. But, after finally trying to figure it out and dig around, I found this post, semi-confirming my suspicions that a change to the build of GameEx must have occurred around this time: ...Anyways, although some may argue that simultaneous overlap of game "snap / preview" audio on-top-of background "music / jukebox" audio may be cacophonous, I'd rather prefer it. 1. is this possible in GameEx's current (05/15/2018) build, and if so, how? 2. in the very least, is it possible for game snap / preview audio to be played INSTEAD-OF or otherwise cross-faded-over (thereby selectively muting the background music as long as the cursor is on a snap'd game) without first having to cease playback of background music?* *presently, this is the only way that I am able to hear game "snap / preview" audio. Unless I first completely stop a background music track, snap audio will not play (even if the background music volume is at 0). ps. I currently have LAV Video Codecs 0.71 installed, though I can confirm that the symptoms were identical in LAV 0.68 as well. log.txt GameEx.ini
  2. The menus in HyperSpin seem to have the fancy flash(?) animations for each platform. When you select one, it goes to the games screen where the wheel just shows a video snap. GameEx seems backwards to that. You have a very simple menu with images or maybe snaps (haven't gotten that far yet) and then the game is where it shows the flashy animated screns. Do I have that right? What theme or downloads make 1941 for example look like it does in the Youtube Video with planes that fly in from the size and the propeller "spins"? By way of background, I have a RetroPie setup with RetroArch and EmulationStation which I love. But I want to experiment with controlling RGB LED buttons, the fancy (flash?) animations, wheel art, etc. I have been playing with RetroArch with LaunchBox and HyperSpin. Pretty good, but I like the way GameEx gives you similar games, game in the same family, easy access to the control display (without having to use pause in RocketLauncher.
  3. Hello, I have an issue with the video snaps in GameEx. I downloaded a bunch of .mp4 video snaps for my Amiga emulator via the EmuMovie Sync tool. But it takes GameEx a few seconds to load mp4 video snaps when going through the list of games in GameEx. In an attempt to fix this I converted the .mp4 files to .avi files with Pazera's MP4 to AVI / FFMpeg. Result: the loading time significantly increased to the point of no delay but the quality of the .avi videos is very poor. Of course I can convert it to high quality AVI but the converted files are much bigger in comparison to the MP4 files. I want to have a snap video delay close to 0 AND snap videos in the original MP4 format. Is there a way to fix this? In the Tweaks and Performance section I changed the 'Snap/video delay' to 'Fastest' but that seems to have no noticeable effect. I included the GameEx.ini in this post, see attachment. By the way, excuse me for my poor English grammar. Kind regards, Michel GameEx.ini
  4. I recently switched to custom menus and I noticed that favorites and most played games aren't showing any snap / videos on home menu. If I disable custom menus, they will load again when hovering on the menu item (fav, most). How can they show even in custom menus? Also, I've noticed a new shaking effect while scrolling the gamelist up and down on last gameex, is there a way to disable this?
  5. Is there anyway to change the intro video when GameEx Starts and can you change where Titles, Snaps etc. are on the page. Also looking for any other customization tips. Thank You
  6. An application to manage game related image sets. Specifically designed for collaborative efforts via cloud services, but can also be used individually with local folders only. Basically, it parses info from any game .dat/.xml/.db3 files, pulls a specified field for game/image names in your assets folder then presents a GUI to compare and move around images matched to the games between 3 folders Screenshots Video Download https://gamesetmatch.codeplex.com/ Hoping it makes the whole business of image sets a bit more manageable. Tthurman, dude - hopefully the end of messing about with that horrendous spreadsheet! We should just plug in Flash's list and should be golden Just gotta bug-shoot GE db3 files now. Reading them fine on my local machine, but something gets lost in deployment. Sure it won't be a biggie... Hope of use....
  7. Hello everybody, I'm a new user and I'm already experiencing a bad headache with "automated artwork download" feature. Gameex 14,44 on Windows 10. In settings, automatic download from Emuview is active. Username and password for login are OK. But actually nothing is downloaded to snaps folders. At the moment I configured 2 emulators (MAME and Snes9X) with about 20 roms each, and none of them receive any artwork. Please note that: 1) If I manually put snaps in the dedicated folders, they correctly appear into Gameex front-end 2) If I try to download artwork with "Download Service Utility.exe", it works fine (emuviews login OK, systems list downloaded, roms recognized and artwork downloaded OK). 3) I can't find any message/warning/errors about downloading anything from emuviews, in LOG file I couldn't find anything similar in the forum nor with Google so now I'm stuck and doesn't know what should I do to get this feature working. Thanks for your help. log.txt GameEx.ini
  8. Is there a database for PS1 rom (iso) names? I am only getting a few snaps downloaded automatically and wondering what the naming convention should be. Thanks for any help. Jeff
  9. Hey all, So I recently made the jump from Hyperspin and have been enjoying the relative ease of setting up GameEx. The Steam integration was very convenient until I tried to figure out how to add video snaps. When I eventually tracked down a folder where GameEx keeps all of Steam's art and video content (C:\GameEx\MEDIA\STEAM) I realized that all of the games were listed as strange identification numbers instead of their actual names or the names of the exe files. For example, the snap for Dark Souls 2 is named 236430. Each game is identified by a number much like that. I have several videos that I made myself when I worked on HyperSpin. I'd love to transfer them over, but I can't figure out which number string identifies which Steam game; so I cannot add the video snaps. Is there an easy way to figure out which number string matches which game? Am I going about this all wrong?
  10. I've been digging around the site but, I haven't come across a clear solution on how to load up the "extras" for emulators. Let's just start out with the first one, NES emulator Nestopia. Everything is running fine in GameEx but, I have downloaded boxes, titles, videos, etc.. to preview but, I can't seem to get it to work. In the setupconfiguration, for the NES emulator, I've set my paths to all of the folders containing the info. I've downloaded vlc, quicktime, Sharks codec pack and tested the videos and images outside of GameEx and they all work fine. What am I missing?? Is there a tutorial somewhere?? Thanks! Edit: I figured it out. The files that I was using were not matching up with my existing rom names. I used the FatMatch program to match the names up and everything is happy now.
  11. I was just wondering what the difference between all the folders are? In the MAME folder I have artwork, snaps, etc...but I also have a lot of the same folders located in C:\Assets Which folder do I put the files in? Or does it even matter as long as I'm pointing to the one I'm using during the setup? Or do the folders do different things? I hope that makes sense.
  12. Once again, i come with questions! 1. I have taken some snapshots of in-game experience from my roms. How can I get them to show up in the GameEx game select menu? I have them in the right Mame/snaps folder (they show up using mameUI), but not in gameex. 2. I reallllly hate the various icons that come up when I am moving around the gameex menus (like the DVD, and game system icons). Is there a way to shut those off? If not, can I just delete all the image assets safely? Thank you!
  13. I downloaded a huge torrent of avi. video snaps from emumovies and put them in the correct directory and it just still displays the picture snaps. I also downloaded Shark007 codec pack as many people suggested for the video snaps... But still, nothing plays. I'm stumped.
  14. Hello and Good Morning/Evening/Afternoon! There are several people, software, and websites that I am very greatful to have come across (and learn from) since I started this "adventure" in building my own arcade cabinet (dub name "Box O' Awesome ) - this site, the members here, and GameEx take a big part of that pie. As a show of appriciation for all the hard work, sweat, and hours that has been put into GameEx and this forum from both Tom Speirs, as well as many other admins, moderators, and members, I would love to contribute any services that may be needed to help continue making GameEx the best front end software to date! I'm still in the process of learning as much as I can, and hopefully more, about GameEx and any troubleshooting tips. As I learn more, I will help the people who begin using this software more. And hopefully, with Tom's permission, one day I can help create software that will work hand in hand with GameEx. Until that day comes, all I can do now is request to help out with smaller issue. One thing that I have in mind is this: Emumovies is a great website, and I have to give credit where credit is due - if it wasn't for that website, I would have spent long hours manually gathering all artwork needed, making video and image snaps, etc. If anyone here has any difficulty finding or gathering any type of artwork that they need from EmuMovies, please send me a message here including the name of the game, version, platform, and rom name, and I will do my very best to find the artwork for you, or make it, and I will send it to you (as well as upload it to EmuMovies, if they will allow me to). Please let me know what you think . LC
  15. MNMax21


    I wanted to give props to this site and Tom.. I recently built an arcade cabinet and use GameEx as my front end. I am still a complete noob to the whole thing and it can seem daunting at times. I had some buddies over and we were playing all the classics. One of my friends had seen a system with snaps, icons, manuals, marquees, bezels, etc. They asked why I didn't have that. It bummed me out slightly, because I had put a ton of time into the controls... panel..... cabinet... etc. However, I must admit. The reason I did not have them was laziness. I could only find sites with an option to download one thing at a time. That seemed so daunting and time consuming. I really just wanted to play the games. I then stumbled upon Emumovies.com. The site is awesome and has pretty much everything you need. I was worried about the video snaps, due to an onboard video card. However, they even have low res video snaps... I'd recommend this to anyone. I paid the $60 to get unlimited access and it was well worth it. If you really want to make GameEx pop with some media, emumovies.com is where it's at. I just wanted to post this with some tags, in hopes lazy noobs like me could find this information through the associated tags. I have no affiliation with emumovies or gameex. I just thought they deserved some props!! THANKS FOR MAKING THE EXPERIENCE SWEET!
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