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Found 1 result

  1. DazzleHP

    Blue Wish Resurrection Plus [PC]

    Blue Wish Resurrection Plus LeaderboardPOSITIONUSER NAMETOTAL SCORE1TodayIsForgotten30,028,830 2DazzleHP23,546,530 3jedah9,728,600 4GimmeClassics8,304,770 5celly6,279,990 6Draco19623,539,790 Last Updated: 11-28-2014 Please use these settings when submitting a hi-score for BWRP: Difficulty: Original Auto Guard: ON Accel: OFF Wait: ON Ship: ANY! Special Rules: Continues are NOT allowed! What is Blue Wish Resurrection Plus?! The short: The best completely free bullet hell shoot 'em up ever created. The long: BWRP is a crazy "bullet hell" Shoot 'Em Up or STG created by a single JP developer who goes by the alias "X.X". It has extremely high production values and easily beats the snot out of many commercial offerings. It has gained high reputation among shoot em up enthusiasts as it is as much a great learning tool/introduction to bullet hell type games as well as being fierce enough to keep hardcore shmuppers coming back for more. If you have seen these types of games and fancied your chances - this is a great way to ease yourself into the genre. Like the sound of it? Follow the installation guide and it's yours! Installation Guide: Go to X.X's site and download Blue Wish Resurrection Plus. Although it's in Japanese it is straight forward if you use some common sense: X.X Game Room Click on Game in the left pane, find BWRP and click Download. NOTE: On the game select page it states ver1.10 but it is actually ver1.11 when you download. If your common sense is evading you at this moment you are ultimately looking for this button: BWR_PLUS1.11.exe is a self extracting archive just like the ones you have used many times before. Run it, when it gets to the screen with a path and a browse button, this is when you choose where to extract it. Choose a directory that suits you and keep hitting (N) >. Once extracted the game is fully portable - WOOP! We like fully portable games with our HTPC's and Cabs don't we All that is left to do is launch it! Wait there is a popup: Answer Yes for fullscreen, No for windowed. PS: I couldn't find a single vid that wasn't hardcore players PWNing this! So i just recorded the 1st stage demo